• Freaks of Nature - Key to Your Heart
  • Nip Drivers - Nip Driver
  • Exterminators - Static Planet
  • The Brainz - Tarra
  • Scorpion vs. Tarantula - Molly O.
  • The Scandals - Can't Stop Us
  • FuckEmos - The Screams of Wild Women
  • The Christian Family - Just A Child
  • Nip Drivers - Talk About Cars
  • FuckEmos - Lengerie Dreams
  • The Bulemics - How I Roll
  • Surfbort - Trash
  • FuckEmos - Hot Fire
  • The Besmirchers - Behind The Candelabra
  • Red Squares - Time Change
  • Our Neighbors Suck - Skullkrusher
  • Mighty Sphincter - Ghost Walking
  • Insurrection - LTC 203
  • FuckEmos - Speedo

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Founded in 2015, Slope Records is a fast-growing independent record label specializing in vinyl-only reissues by punk pioneers and releases by vital current artists.

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The Christian Family - ST - Slope Records
The Christian Family - Slope Records

The Christian Family ST 7" Now Available!

The undisputed royalty of Phoenix’s garage-rock scene, The Christian Family’s 7″ self-titled debut EP is here! Get yours on Slope Records now!

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Slope Records T-Shirt
Slope Records

Slope Records T-Shirts Now Available!

Finally live a relevant and meaningful existence! Top-quality screen-printed Slope Records brand t-shirts are here to cover all of your never-nude desires. It is prophesied that in the near future, ‪‎Slope Records‬ t-shirts will have the monetary equivalence of roughly 16 cartons of loosies and can be traded for elemental necessities such as water, food, transportation (in some cases) and semi-debaucherous sexual favors throughout the duration of our civilization’s rebirth. Why wait? Act today, or you’ll probably die.