Feederz - WWHD: What Would Hitler Do? - Slope Records

It’s a bold question, for sure. What would Hitler do? Applaud? Puke? Start a punk rock band? We’ll never know because, thankfully, that fucker is still dead. What we do know is that Feederz are back and better than ever with the release of WWHD: What Would Hitler Do? on orange crush (limited edition) and our newest color, “Trump’s soul” black vinyl. Frank Discussion (guitar/vox), Clear Bob (bass), and DH Peligro (drums) are bringing the spirit of dangerous subversion back to punk through this awesome Slope Records release on April 15, 2017. Pre-orders available soon.



  1. Michael Pistrui

    February 10, 2017 (21:32) Reply

    Outstanding, this is really great, looking forward to more …..we need it !!

  2. YNoT?

    February 22, 2017 (18:31) Reply

    KeWL! buTT. . .
    FraNk STiLL OWes me a FeedeRz video. . .
    that he PRoMised to send me AFTeR i sent him. . .
    sum SiTu DVD-Rs about a PhReekiN’ De-CaYde AGo!!

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